Book: El muchacho caritativo / Little Giver - Pequeños héroes de la Biblia - Bilingue for children - Prats Productions

Book: El muchacho caritativo / Little Giver - Pequeños héroes de la Bi



EDITORIAL:  Prats Productions

AUTHOR:  Victoria Kovacs.

COLLECTION: Pequeños héroes de la Biblia/Little Bible Heroes


LANGUAGE:  Bilingüe

FORMAT: Paperback 16 pages

SIZE: ( 5.90 x 5.95 In)

In Santa Maria del Monte our goal is to evangelize and our products help us to do so, this is why we present you this book that narrates the story of ¨The Little Giver¨.Discover the true and amazing stories of young children in the Bible that made a huge difference in changing their part of the world.This book is bilingual for the comfort of your children.Enjoy it and help us carry the message of Christ. Be part of Our Mission!

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Discover the true and fascinating stories of the Bible. They relate the lives of people who did something significant, transformed the region of the world where they lived. Short biblical stories for boys and girls of all ages. This material is bilingual for the comfort of your children


Descubre las verdaderas y fascinantes historias de la Biblia.
En ellas se relatan las vidas de personas que hicieron algo significativo, transformaron la región del mundo donde vivían.
Breves relatos bíblicos para niños y niñas de todas las edades.
Este material es Bilingüe para la comodidad de tus hijos 

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