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Book: The Bible/ 20 Answers - Trent Horn

Book: The Bible/ 20 Answers - Trent Horn

Editorial:  Catholic Answers Press

Author: Trent Horn

Type of Product: Book

Pages: 86 pages

Series: 20 Answers

Format: Flexible 

Language: English

Size / Medidas: 7 x 4.2 In

In Santa Maria del Monte, catholic bookstore,our goal is to evangelize and our products help us to do so, this is why we present you this book: "The Bible"/20 Answers series from Catholic Answers offers hard facts, powerful arguments, and clear explanations of the most important topics facing the Church and the world—all in a compact, easy-to-read package.In this booklet you’ll find smart, solid answers to these questions and many more. Catholics are sometimes accused of ignoring the Bible, but we believe that God gave us his inspired word in Sacred Scripture to teach, guide, and edify us. 20 Answers: The Bible offers a truly Catholic perspective on Scripture, showing how it harmonizes with God’s revelation in Sacred Tradition and with the teaching authority of the Church. It also takes on challenges from skeptics, giving you the knowledge you need to answer those who say the Bible is too old, too incoherent, or too fantastic to believe. Enjoy it and help us carry the message of Christ. Be part of Our Mission!

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What does it mean to say that Scripture is “inspired”?
Why don’t Catholics believe that the Bible is the sole rule of faith?
Do Christians have to follow all the strange and archaic laws found in the Old Testament?

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