Book: Behold the Mystery - Mark Hart

Book: Behold the Mystery - Mark Hart




Author:  Mark Hart

Language: English

Type of Product: Book (5 1/2 x 9 in )

Format: Paperback  184

In Santa María del Monte, our goal is to evangelize and our products help us to do so, that is why we present you this book where the author guides readers toward a deeper understanding of the Mass its roots in the Jewish Sabbath, its sacrificial character, and its signs and symbols. As we are told to go in peace, he inspires us to see the Mass as a place to be nourished so that we can further Christ's mission in the world! Helps Catholics move beyond the repetition and ritual to see the Mass for what it really is: a heavenly banquet, a wedding feast, in which heaven and earth meet. Find it in our books section and help us carry the message of Christ.Be part of Our Mission!
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