DVD: Quo Vadis - Robert Taylor

DVD: Quo Vadis - Robert Taylor | Santa María del Monte



DVD: Quo Vadis - Robert Taylor

Based on the historical novel, Quo Vadis. Set in Rome during the reign of the Emperor Nero, Quo Vadis chronicles the love story between a young slave girl Lygia, a Christian convert, and Marcus, a Roman General, while depicting the larger conflict between Christianity and the corruption of the Roman Empire.Their unlikely love story unfolds against a background of Nero's insane atrocities against the early Christian community.. Ustinov sets the standard for film villains, and his performance as Nero carries this epic film as he burns Rome and blames the Christians, persecuting them mercilessly. 

In Santa María del Monte, our goal is to evangelize and our products help us to do so, that is why we present you the DVD Quo Vadis. Find it in our DVD's section and help us carry the message of Christ. Our products speak for themselves

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