Joseph - Movie for children DVD English and Spanish

Joseph - Movie for children DVD English and Spanish



Josep is a young dreamer, spoiled by his father and so resented by his brothers, that they secretly sell him to a slave trader. Eventually landing in the dungeons of Egypt, the young man who lacked nothing suddenly finds himself alone, forgotten, and overwhelmed with despair. Yet it is in this deep prison that Joseph begins to change, and in his humility he cries out to God.

As the years pass, his growing faith and gift for interpreting dreams bring him the attention of the pharaoh, who exalts the young man to a prominent position. Having learned humble obedience to God, Joseph becomes instrumental not only in saving Egypt, but also his brothers who initially  betrayed him.

Joseph is a moving story that powerfully demonstrates God's hand in all things, big and small.




  • Duración/Duration: 90 min.
  • Idioma/Language: Español/ English
  • Ages/Edades: 5+

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