DVD: Captive - David Oyelowo

DVD: Captive - David Oyelowo | Santa María del Monte



DVD: Captive - David Oyelowo

Captive is based on the true events that occurred in Atlanta, GA., on March 11, 2005. Brian Nichols, who will be played by David Oyelowo, broke out of a courthouse jail and shot dead the judge assigned to his case as well as a court reporter, sheriff’s deputy and FBI officer.  While eluding a statewide manhunt, Nichols took Ashley Smith (Kate Mara), a single mother struggling with meth addiction, hostage in her own apartment. Over the course of her ordeal, Smith used a book she had been given, Rick Warren's 
The Purpose Driven Life, to reason with her captor, with surprising results.. 

In Santa María del Monte, our goal is to evangelize and our products help us to do so, that is why we present you the DVD Captive with David Oyelowo . Find it in our DVD's section and help us carry the message of Christ. Our products speak for themselves

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