CD: Once upon a time - P. Lorenzo Gómez, L.C.

CD: Once upon a time - P. Lorenzo Gómez, L.C.



Editorial: Guadalupe Radio Productions

Author: P. Lorenzo Gómez.L.C.

Language: English

Type of Product: Audio

In Santa María del Monte, our goal is to evangelize and our products help us to do so, that is why we present you this series of three audios,they are tales of spiritual battles against ones own selfishness and against the temptations of the devil,they are stories of virtue carried out with heroism by men and women of faith,in love with Christ and the Virgin Mary.Listen to these tales while traveling or while relaxing.By listening to these stories,you will be acquiring evangelization and spiritual values for the life of your soul.Christ embedded his message in parables. The life of the saints brought life to the words of Christ,and for centuries they continue lead us to Christ with their example. Find it in our books section and help us carry the message of Christ.Be part of Our Missión!
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